Yoga & Meditation Classes

DRAGONFLY MOONDANCE classes, private sessions, and workshops are online!

Practice yoga from the comfort of your own home with an experienced instructor.


New to Moxie? Here’s a $7 credit to try it out!

Yoga for Every Body–Mondays at 11 am

Start your week with yoga! This yoga class will be in the style of Integral Yoga, focusing on the unity of body, mind, and spirit. We will begin class with breathwork and end with a brief meditation. In the middle, we will work on various asanas (poses), with many having variations to them so you can make the class easier or more challenging depending how you choose to practice that day. Class starts gently and then builds to sun salutations before the end of class.

Meditation Class–Wednesdays at 3 pm

Refresh yourself in the middle of the week. Meditate with me on Wednesdays! We will explore a few different styles of meditation with some time for reflection at both the beginning and end of our session. This is a Flex Pay class so pay as you are able to do so. Thank you for meditating with me!

Chair Yoga Class–Fridays at 11 am

Join me for a chair yoga break on Fridays! This gentle class is perfect for beginners or those with limited movement, but it is also beneficial for anyone who would like a brief exercise routine that can be done in the office at work.

Private Sessions available by appointment.

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