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I know that I feel best when I do yoga every day. Is that even possible? Every day? You can skip a day here and there, but a consistent practice that you do almost every day will benefit you immensely.

And it takes much less of your time than you may think. You don’t need to do an entire yoga class’ worth of yoga to reap benefits from a daily practice. A daily practice usually consists of a few basic poses. All it takes is a few minutes. The rewards you gain are very well worth the small investment in time. Your practice can invigorate and energize you, or it can ground you and bring peace.




Downward Dog

Here is my favorite daily practice. Begin in plank pose. Spread your fingers wide and press into your heels. Lengthen your spine. Relax your breath. As you inhale, release your belly, and as you exhale, hug your tummy in towards your spine. Hold this pose for several deep breaths. If you wish, you can work up to holding this pose longer. Work up to 30 seconds, then a minute or longer.

Next, tuck your toes under and bring your tailbone to the sky in downward-facing dog. Stretch your arms from your armpits into your fingertips. Tilt the pelvis gently and line your head and neck up with your arms. Press your heels down towards the floor. If you want, you can run in place in slow motion as you hold this pose, rolling through the feet. This pose is a combination of strength and relaxation. Discover where these two apparent opposites actually do meet in this pose.

From downward dog, bring your knees down. Come up onto your knees. Arch back and as you do, reach back and grab your ankles, heart open, back broad, coming into camel pose, which has become my favorite of all of the poses. If you are not ready for full camel pose, for a more gentle version, come to a seated, cross-legged position. Place your hands on the floor slightly behind your hips, fingertips pointing forward. Press into your palms as you gently arch back, heart open, turning your gaze upwards to the sky.

Camel Pose

Come to seated position, bend your knees, and lie down, keeping the knees bent. Cross one ankle over the opposite knee, coming into reclining pigeon pose. Hug that knee into the chest, bringing the head up into the pose or keeping the head resting on the ground. Repeat on the opposite side.

Reclining Pigeon








You will no doubt be surprised by how quickly you will begin to feel the benefits of a daily practice as you become stronger, more flexible, focused, and energized. Why not make a daily yoga practice one of your goals for the rest of this year?

If you would like to join me for my OM Power Workshop: Using Yoga & Meditation to Set & Achieve Goals, please sign up at the link below or e-mail me at Namaste!

Yoga photography: Adam Ferguson

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