Profoundly Grateful

In this time of great fear and massive change, what are you most grateful for? What makes your heart sing?

Returning back to the present moment in gratitude for all that I have and all that I am is what is getting me through this time. Let go of the past. It is gone. It no longer matters. Do not worry about the future. Let your breath guide you to the present moment. For just a moment, focus on your breath and just be. Just breathe. You are safe. You are peaceful. You are calm. Our breath reminds us that deep within, there is always peace, no matter what is going on around us.

I am grateful for this beautiful spring day and my beautiful backyard where I can enjoy peace and nature. I am reminded of this as I hear birds singing. Nature is healing us and this time is healing nature. Enjoy the beauty of spring around you. Connect with the earth. Grow things. I am gardening. Seeing the young, green plants springing up lifts my heart and fills me with hope. I saw the first dragonfly of spring the other day while gardening.

My special place of peace & gratitude.

Today, take time to center yourself and go within. Breathe and be. Find a place of gratitude and hope. And here are some wonderful breathing exercises to open and strengthen the muscles around your lungs and to calm your mind.

Be well!

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